Coming right on the heels of a historic show at Pipeline to kick off the 2022 Championship Tour season, the waiting period for the Hurley Pro Sunset Beach kicks off on February 11, and it looks like the opening days will see a bit of surf at the iconic North Shore break

McGillivray on a Sunset bomb WSL/Heff


  • Overhead surf and light wind to kick off event window, 11th-12th
  • Surf simmers down and becomes small over the 13th-14th
  • Watching for a possible large WNW swell for the 15th-16th


The first couple days of the event window (Fri/Sat) will offer contestable surf at Sunset. Friday will see holding, mid-period WNW-NW swell with sets running in the zone of head-high to a couple feet overhead (5-7’+ faces), the biggest waves/peaks reaching a few feet overhead. Consistency should be fair to a little on the lully side at times. Then a slightly stronger push of reinforcing, mid-period WNW-NW swell moves in for Saturday with surf increasing just a touch in size and consistency — 6-8’+ faces, with the biggest waves/peaks getting close to the double overhead mark. This energy will then fade over Sunday and into Monday the 14th, dropping under head-high.


For the most part, the first few days are to see clean conditions. Fri/Sat mornings are looking at light offshore wind. Possible light onshore seabreeze to develop Friday afternoon, while easterly trades may start to slowly return over Saturday afternoon (stay rather mellow). Then easterly trades are to prevail over Sun/Mon.

We’re watching for a possible large WNW swell for mid-month (Tues/Wed the 15th-16th). Models have been in pretty good agreement on this event for the past several days now, although, still a little uncertain with just how big exactly. Nonetheless, our confidence is high that something fairly solid will show during this time-frame – potentially even large enough to max out Sunset during the peak of it. Conditions for this event remain a wildcard at this time. Wind models have been switching back-and-forth between more favorable easterly trades or onshore northerly winds – struggling to get a read on a passing front projected to impact the region around this time, the same front associated with the storm sending the swell.

After that, we have a sizable WNW-NW pulse lining up for around the 18th-19th. Low confidence for any specifics on this one at this point, but this blip has been on the radar for the past couple days.