Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia – Sticky Bird Wax is proud to announce their launch into the Australian surf market with their fresh, sticky and proven surf wax. They have a few surprise offerings up their sleeves that are fresh and unique, and that we are going to discuss here.

Sticky Bird has the solution for you so that you will never run out of wax again. No more begging, groveling, or slipping off your favourite step-up when you pull in to a throaty barrel and you need all the grip you can get. Sticky Bird offers a subscription deal, where your wax is delivered right to your door, so that you’ll never be without your favourite wax again.

For your subscription deal, you choose the type of wax you want (warm, cool, tropical) and you choose your frequency and amount. It can come every month, every two months or every three months. The frequency is up to you.

Sticky Bird will then deliver your wax to your chosen destination, and the delivery will be trackable all the way until you have it in your hands.

There are a few more reasons why this delivery system is ideal for you and your wax needs.

There is no contract lock-in. Leave when you want, change when you want. You’re in control. We also use no plastics in or packaging.

The wax is made in Australia, by Australians. It is made without any petroleum products and other toxins, and it smells good.

The wax is made by hand, each and every single bar of it, and it comes to your door via a carbon neutral delivery.

We also offer gift subscriptions. So if you’re stumped for a Christmas present for your best mate or your long-suffering partner, imagine how stoked he or she will be with a gift subscription of Sticky Bird Wax for 2020?

After years of research and development, testing, alterations, variations and finally the best final product that they could ever have expected, Sticky Bird is ready to show Australia and then the world what they have.

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