The State of the Municipality address was held at Mentor’s Country Estate last Thursday (28th February) where Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks addressed the gathered group.

“Good afternoon,
It is a privilege to stand in front of you today and I would like to thank each one
of you for making the time to be here.
Two and a half years ago, in August 2016, the people of Kouga decided it was
time for a fresh start.
They got off the yellow and green bus they had been on for 15 long years and
voted to give the blue bus a try instead.
The first driver of the blue bus was our late Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen who,
exactly a year ago, stood before you, as I am today, to reflect on the roads we
had travelled and the journey that still lay ahead.
It has been an honour to take over the steering wheel from her and to continue
the drive she started to build an inclusive, resilient and united Kouga that works
for all its people; a municipality that strives to leave no one behind”. 

Below is a link to the address  and another linkto a photographic overview of advancements in Kouga Municipality over the past two and a half years.

SOMA 2019 – Click to Read

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