State of the Kouga Municipality Address

With the ‘Opening of Council’ and the ‘State of the Kouga Municipality’ address by Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen this morning, it will be interesting to hear how the land lies, particularly in terms of finances for the year ahead.

During his budget speech last week, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan announced 47.5% would go to central government, 43.4% to provincial government and 9.1% to local government. He went on to emphasise  that about two thirds of the budget will be dedicated to realizing the social rights of all people, particularly the poor.

“These are the sacrifices that we have to make to ensure optimal inclusion of all our people and eradicate gross inequality.”

No doubt these sacrifices relate to ‘less to the wealthy more to the poor’ and so hopefully Mayor van Lingen will present us with a clearer picture of the year ahead in her speech today for there can be little doubt that it will have an influence on the thinking regarding the proposed SRA. Either way!

St Francis Today will hopefully be able to tell you more in tomorrow’s news.

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