A song by Ann Knight

The golden sun shines down on the beautiful sand,

The waves roll in to wash the sunny shore,

And all is peaceful.

Our little village that was once so small,

Has grown to be a beautiful town,

And all are happy.

And then you hear the children singing,

Laughing and running along the shore,

They are wonderous to behold.

And those who love the game of golf

Have two marvelous courses,

To keep them happy.

Girls who love to shop are quite content

With the varied selection that they find,

And they spend their money.

For bush walkers there are great delights

Where the Bush Buck will stand still and stare,

To keep you in wonderment of Africa.

On bright sunny days, as the waves come tumbling in

You will see all the surfers having such fun,

As they twist and turn in the rolling surf.

The beautiful river flows into the turning canals

With lovely houses on either side,

And the boatmen are happy.

On the edge of the mountainous rocky shore,

The Lighthouse shines its warning light,

That keeps safe the ships at sea.

In the evening, when the sun has departed

Your choice of evening meals are many and good.

There is laughter and song to keep you jolly.

This little town we still call a village,

Is happy to welcome all visiting folk,

To give you memories that are happy and contented.

By Ann Knight