Following the welcome but, in parts, destructive rainfall of Wednesday night, St Francis Disaster Volunteer Group members were again quick to respond to calls of  help from residents who suddenly found themselves awash. 

Whilst assisting several of those homes in St Francis that had been flooded it is the residents of Sea Vista who most needed assistance and once again find themselves in desperately need the community at large to come to their aid. Here is the latest press release as posted on social media late yesterday.

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The Sea Vista flood damage and needs assessment undertaken yesterday determined that immediate needs are mattresses and blankets for those who will need to sleep at the Community Hall this evening. Along with that, the DVG is purchasing ingredients for a thick and filling soup with bread (which the Links will bake), for Margaret Vena to cook at the Shekinah Soup Kitchen, for the flood victims today.

BUT THE LONG TERM NEEDS are lots and lots of pallets. There are homes on pallets which weren’t affected by the floods and the more pallets we could obtain, the better. This, together with sheets of plastic to cover the homes, would be great. (We realise that the long term problem of informal settlements expanding without permission in potential flood areas is a discussion to be undertaken with the authorities).

If you know of anyone who manufactures pallets, please let us know. For donations of mattresses or blankets, please deliver to the SFPO offices in Lyme Road South.

For financial donations to assist the DVG to continue supplying food for the next few days, please use:

Bank Details:
Account Name: FOSFFAR
Standard Bank
Acc no 186512139
Humansdorp Branch (051001)

Thank you.


With reports of between 60 and 100mm of rain localised in St Francis Bay overnight, we were alerted to a lot of flooding in our local Sea Vista Community, some knee deep.

Whilst we are all in prayer for rain, so much in a short period of time caused a lot of damage and rendered some without homes with belongings under water.

We have been in touch with local municipal disaster management officials who are assessing the situation in a JOC which has been established. Once we hear from them, we will engage to assist where we can.

Once we have more information, we will report. (This video care of a resident of Sea Vista).