by Roxanne Litherland and Beth Cooper Howell

Let’s get creative, said three passionate creatives to a group of intrepid kids. And so, they did.

St Francis College music teacher Natasha Brown, art teacher Louise Ackerman and local photographer Sacha Park were determined to showcase the diverse talents of pupils at the school by organising a talent show.

Following auditions in October, pupils wowed their audience this month in various disciplines: art, photography, singing, instrumental, drama and dance.

Judge and local performer Luan Cloete congratulated participants and said: “I am very impressed with the great improvement of talent and the expression of everyone’s creativity in this year’s talent show. They’ve done really well, worked so hard and have outstanding talent.”


Drama King Queen St Francis College

Winners of the Drama category: Drama King- Alexander Moolman and Drama Queen- Lexera Castle

Talent show winners at St Francis College

Cuteness was the Grade 00 Class performing their song and dance “Boogie Bugs”

Talent Show Boogie Bugs at St Francis College

Judge Luan Cloete congratulating the winners of the Junior Division.

Photographs: Roxanne Litherland and Caroline Anderson



Photographs: Roxanne Litherland and Caroline Anderson