Simba chooses local businss to supply part of R1 million prize

Those shopping for Simba Products recently may have come across a display stand similar to the photo to the left that was in St Francis’ Village Spar until recently. Simba was running a competition where the winner walks away with a share of the prizes valued at R1 Million the main part of which is to be supplied by a local business.

Tucked away in the dusty back streets of Sea Vista Industrial Park local business Palomino RV was approached to supply a Palomino Camper to fit out the Ford Bakkie that forms the main prize  of this exciting competition. Commenting, business owner Greg Renault said’ “I received a call from Simba’s marketing agents asking if I was able to supply one of our Palomino campers as part of the prize and naturally jumped at the chance at being part of a national campaign”.

The competition has since closed but St Francis will again feature as the winner, we hear he is from Durban, is to presented his fantastic prize at an event that is going to be held at our very own Waterberry Park in early December. St Francis Today will keep you informed on the event.

On hearing a St Francis based business was supplying a prize a major of the value of the R1 million prize we called into visit Greg at his workshop in Sea Vista Industrial. Anticipating a noisy, grinder sparks flying workshop we were instead surprised to rather find a quiet, spotless work area. Greg explained that he does not build the Palomino in South Africa but rather imports the Palomino’s from the United States and then transforms mainly the electrical components to South African standards. Asked why not rather build it in SA Greg explained.

 “The Americans have been building RV vehicles for the past 50 years and have perfected what makes up a good camper / RV. It would take years to develop anything close to what is already available in the US at a competitive cost.”

Touring the inside of one of these campers illustrates perfectly what Greg says. Every aspect of the interior space has been so well thought out and not an inch / centimetre of space is wasted. From the Queen / Double bed to the heating system, so absolutely necessary if camping in the mountains, all fit perfectly. A gas cooker, a fridge, even a sink to wash the dishes and more than enough fresh water on tap stored in an 80-litre container neatly hidden out of sight.

The entire camper fits perfectly onto the back of a standard Bakkie or Twin-Cab and the real beauty is that when you arrive at your camp site it is is quick and easy to detach the camper section from the vehicle allowing to use your transport without breaking up camp when you want to go site-seeing or testing a nearby 4 x 4 trail in the vicinity.

There is much more to say about this really great camper so if you are looking at the best way to joint the camping fraternity go and take a look at Greg’s website. We believe his site is presently being redone but have look anyway as it better explains in detail this compact home on wheels and has a few videos that better illustrate just how great this home on or off wheels is.