Important message for St Francis Bay visitors and residents

The South African Police Services, Community Police Forum & Sector Police Forum welcome you to greater St Francis. Crime is on the increase and your safety is our concern so please help us help you to ensure that your stay is pleasant and safe:

Some precautions to ensure your safety

• Lock doors and keep windows closed at night. Ensure cell phones, handbags, lap tops etc are secured.
• Activate the alarm when you retire at night or are away from your house
• Lock your vehicle when it is parked
• Please report acts of vandalism – a crime we will not tolerate
• Parents must ensure that motorised scooters & quad bikes are licenced and properly supervised at all times
• Consider your neighbours’ rights with respect to high volume sound day or night
• Alcohol abuse is dangerous. Drinking in public places including the beach and kromme river is illegal
• Adhere to the rules of the road & waterways
• Keep to the 50 kms speed limit on main roads and 40 kms on all satellite roads
• Waterfights and fireworks are strictly prohibited
• No dogs permitted on bathing beaches. Dogs must be kept on leash on other beaches and owners responsible for cleaning up after them
• Water is scarce. Please use water sparingly at all times

For your safety and that of others we urge you to report all crime and suspicious persons or incidents to the saps

Emergency numbers:

Police: 10111 or 042 200 1800 / 042 200 1817

Hospital: 042 295 1100 – fire brigade 042 291 0250

NSRI: 042 294 0131 – doctors 042 294 0719