left to right. Lollie Hlela, Joggie Mentz, Greg Renault.


Local Karate Update

At the 2022 Eastern Cape Province JKA Championships held in Port Elizabeth on Saturday, 12h March, students from St Francis Bay JKA Karate performed exceptionally well. They all won or placed in the top three in their respective sections. For many of the students, this was their first Championship. All the hard training paid off, as seen from the superb achievements. As a result, the students received their Eastern Cape Province JKA colours. As a result, they were selected to represent the Eastern Cape Province JKA team to compete in the National Championships in Johannesburg in May this year.

Students: left to right. Chen Wang, Yu Wang, Isabeau Wood, Sean Watson, Davidko Siemens


The SFB JKA KARATE DOJO under Sensei Phil is small in size and numbers, but once again through dedication and determination has produced excellent results.

The detailed results are as follows:

Joggie Mentz (Black Belt)                  1st Elite Mens Veterans KUMITE

Greg Renault (Brown Belt)                 3rd Elite Mens Veteran KUMITE

                                                           3rd Elite Mens Veteran KATA

Sabelo Nkomo (Blue Belt)                   1st Young Adult Male KATA

                                                            1st Young Adult Male KUMITE

Lollie Hlela (Blue Belt)                         2nd Youth Novice Male KATA

                                                            2nd Young Novice Male KUMITE

Yu Wang (Purple Belt)                        2nd Junior Boys KATA

                                                            2nd Junior Boys KUMITE

Sean Watson (Blue Belt)                    2nd Junior Novice Boys KATA

                                                            2nd Junior Novice Boys KUMITE

Davidko Siemens (Yellow Belt)           1st Junior Novice Boys KATA

                                                            2nd Junior Novice Boys KUMITE

Isabeau Wood (Yellow Belt)              1st Junior Novice Girls KATA

                                                            1st Junior Novice Girls KUMITE

For information on Karate training contact Sensei Phil (6th Dan) 082 448 3898, or jankes@worldonline.co.za