A recently released video on the St Francis Property Owners website has David Truter discuss how the CCTV network is assisting in combatting crime. The following  is part of the newsletter distributed yesterday.

David Truter a member of the St Francis Property Owners committee leads  portfolio of CCTV cameras for St Francis Property Owners  and also Chairs the St Francis Bay Police Sector Forum for security. 

The SFPO NPC installed the cameras in early 2019. Crime had been escalating at that time. 18 months later crime has been radically reduced as a result. 

For example, we have four LPR’s or license plate recognition cameras. In one month we had 250,000 license plates recognised and 11 activations, which means that those 11 licence plate numbers were on the SAPS database of wanted vehicles. 

For more on security and cameras, watch the video with David here


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