Cath Mitchley with her frozen soup with helpers Joy Wicks, and Merry Haring at the fundraiser.

Cath Mitchley with her frozen soup with helpers Joy Wicks, and Merry Haring at the fundraiser.

The St Francis Bay Bowling Club held a “Soup Day” on Friday, 28 August 2015 at the SF Bowling Club hall and an amount of R4 500 was raised to be shared by Hospice and the club.

The St Francis Bay Bowling Club is a close-knit one and provides a place where people can exercise their bodies and minds and social interaction is an important component. These bowlers all came to the party with a will and cooked up huge pots of soup which emitted appetising aromas in the bowling club hall. A constant stream of willing buyers sampled what was on offer with many going back for seconds, or to try another flavour. Other people bought frozen soups to take home.

The soup sales continued the next day and, thanks to the kind invitation and public spirited attitude of the morning market organisers, in a better location as they were doing it for a charity. “There was a very positive vibe on both days,” said Joy Wicks, who is a fund raiser of note.
Hospice is desperately in need of funding as the government subsidy has dried up completely. The organisation provides palliative care that aims to improve the quality of life of patients and their families facing problems associated with the terminally ill. This is achieved by the prevention and relief of suffering, the early identification, assessment, and treatment of pain, as well as other problems.

Home based services include teaching family, friends, and carers basic nursing tasks enabling patients to remain at home for as long as possible. Other services involve reporting to the doctor and assisting with pain and symptom control; lending equipment such as wheelchairs and commodes; counselling and bereavement follow-up.

Not only do they care for the physical side of terminally patients, they care for their emotional and spiritual needs as well.

Running expenses to carry out these services are kept to an absolute minimum but still amount to a considerable figure so Hospice is grateful for any contributions. If you can assist further in any way, please contact the office on 042 291 1159.