Some SRA Q&A’s

In answer to some of the questions raised by e-mail and on comments on posts, St Francis Property Owners responded to questions submitted to them by St Francis Today.


Does Cape St Francis form part of the overall vote or is CSF regarded as a separate entity and will be included only if 50% of CSF property owners vote yes? At a meeting in PE the audience was informed that Cape St Francis had “opted out”. How will funds be split if Cape St Francis is involved…and this all goes ahead.

CSF is not part of the SRA. The CSF Civics Association declined to be part of this a year ago.

There a number of CSF property owners who have questioned this and feel that a broader base of CSF property owners need to be consulted.

When and how is Sea Vista going to benefit?

Sea Vista is excluded from the SRA, as the upliftment of all underprivileged areas are the specific responsibility of the Municipality and the Human Settlements Dept. One of the key objectives to developing the St Francis Vision 2030 was to define how we could assist with the upliftment of Sea Vista, including access to CSI spend and job creation. Please read the St Francis Vision 2030 document (available on the following website :

At what stage into the scheme – if it goes ahead – will roads/streets/ storm water drains/ main sewerage be tackled or is it really all about the beach/spit and canals and the 550 canal properties

The top priority is arterial roads (10kms) and storm water drains (R31m). Parallel to this we have to complete the design phase of our river, beach and spit solution, and submit this to DEDEAT (Dept of Enviromental Affairs) to approve the project (this is expense will be about R1m and will probably be funded out of the donations we have received). This initial phase of work for the river is expected to take 12-18 months before any work can actually start on moving sand from the river to the spit and beach. The Security cameras are also a priority given the escalation in crime recently. The Water Borne Sewerage (R106m) and Street paving (R67m) projects are longer term priorities, like the River/Spit/Beach (R133) because this is where the bulk of the costs lie and we will rely on the levy to fund these as we receive the money. The cost of de-silting the River and depositing it on the beach and Spit will cost about R119m, and the groynes for keeping the sand on beach (R15m). The Spit is the smallest part of the whole cost as it is only about one-third the length of the entire beach from Main Beach to the River mouth. People keep saying that this SRA is of sole benefit to the Canals. This is simply not true. The Canal property owners already pay a levy of R212 per month to maintain the canals. We are submitting an application to DEDEAT to allow the Riparians to use their dredger to also maintain the Spit. Nobody else pays for maintenance of the Canals. The Riparians have an agreement similar to the SRA already in place for the past 4 years to get this levy paid to them by the Municipality to maintain the canals. Look how well it has worked! The Sra is no different, but because it is a new levy we have to use the SRA legislation to do it.

How is every single home/erf owner going to be reached – some simply do not ‘do’ the various media related options.  A flyer with the Rates/Water/Electricity account  ?

We are using a number of different communication channels including public meetings, one-on-one meetings with people, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Call Centre (phoning), Private Estate Body Corporate communication channels and monthly bills, and public media ie St Francis Today and The Chronicle.

Do you have any information about the impact of suggested sand handling at the spit on the configuration of the surf spots ?

Since surfing is one of the attractions of St Francis Bay, this is probably a parameter to account with We are not using offshore reefs, but instead Groynes, so we don’t expect to disturb surfing spots.

The Beach solution design team have to investigate all impact as part f the EIA submission to DEDEAT. To make this procedure legitimate, legal and transparent surely ALL ratepayers in St Francis Bay should receive a voting form attached to their monthly rates and utilities bill. This should include ALL relevant voting details and dates as well as the full proposed costs of having a special rates area operating in the area.

The Kouga Municipality asked the SFPO Association to bring them consent forms (hardcopy) proving that a majority of property owners support the SRA levy before they will approve our SRA application. This process is legal and confirmed by a legal team we asked to verify our process. This is very simple and transparent. These consent forms are available for inspection at our SFPO offices.

If we cannot get the majority then the SRA proposal will be abandoned, the Committee will resign, what is left of the donations repaid, and the SFPO NPC liquidated.