One of the gripes those regularly by those who submit comment deriding the SRA committee and the work they as doing to improve St Francis Bay is that that don’t answer questions. Well a brand new post on the St Francis Property Owners website NEWS page has addressed this complaint with written answers posed by a group associated with the Concerned Residents Association (CRA) who seem so intent on not seeing SRA continue with the improvements the village so desperately needs to retain its value as a place to live and importantly, own property.

In a letter to the SRA, CRA Chair Angela Cadman asked the following two questions of the SRA committee.

The following has been copied directly off the SFPO website with a little editing and covers questions that were asked regarding the recent Roadshows held in Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth

Question One:

Why was there an urgent need for the Stakeholder Roadshows seeing there is no significant progress to report on. It is known by all that we must wait for DEDEAT approval before action can be taken on the Beach/Spit/River. Is this not fruitless and wasteful expenditure?

The SRA has answered

The SRA had been asked by members in Joburg and PE to meet with them, as some of them will not be able to attend the AGM. We presented what we will present at the AGM on 17 December at The Links –

The members obviously also wanted to understand the current status of the SRA, and in particular the resolutions proposed by this group of 30 members –

Many out of town members see this for what it is, an unsubstantiated attack on the SRA, its leadership and implications for the substantial donation investment already committed to the SRA projects. None of the directors of the SFPO NPC have ever claimed any expense from the SRA. There was no SRA expenditure on these roadshow meetings. Members in Joburg and PE generously organised the venues out of their own pockets. The SFPO NPC directors fund their own time and expenses entirely out of their own pockets and have never claimed a single personal expense while on SRA business.

Probably important to note here is that not only do the committee pay their own tavel and accommodation but they give freely of their time, and a lot of their time, to try and make St Francis a better place to live.

The second question!

Why did you exclude the property owners residing in the Village and Canals from the Roadshow? Are they not stakeholders? Are you lobbying for votes before the AGM?    

And the SRA’s answer!

The SRA has not excluded the local property owners, because we expect them to either attend the AGM or talk to us individually or in groups if they so choose, which we have done with many local members. They are clearly stakeholders, but we have to reach out regularly to the 85% of property owners who do not live in St Francis Bay. Yes we are lobbying for votes. We have been accused of stealing from the SRA. Why should we not defend ourselves against these malicious and unwarranted accusations against the directors of the SFPO NPC? The general feedback has been one of disbelief and anger at these accusations.

It appears more answers will be forthcoming shortly so as to keep members of the SRA well informed before the NPC’s AGM on the 17th December at 5:00pm at St Francis Links clubhouse.


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