Collo’s Blog

The subject of speeding has filled these pages on more than one occasion and possibly we should stop writing about it for I was informed on Tuesday morning that locals are allowed to speed as we are only a small village.

The occasion was travelling to St Francis Bay from Cape St Francis mid Tuesday morning I was passed by the driver of a Nissan SUV. Travelling at the prescribed 40kph and possibly exceeding it by two or three k’s along St Francis Way I was passed, as I cleared the speed hump just before The Hope Crescent. Now to pass someone travelling at the outer limits of the speed restriction is breaking the law in my book. Crossing a solid white line to pass a vehicle is a further transgression, both penalisable with a hefty fine.

Getting rather a fright by a car suddenly alongside me I paid no attention to try and make out the driver and long before I could note the registration, other than it was an EC registration, the vehicle was too far ahead. My immediate reaction was to hoot, flash my lights and hold up four fingers indicating (hopefully) tat the driver would realise I was indicating it was a 40 zone. Accepting possibly the driver was a doctor or a member of NSRI and there must be an emergent I relaxed and continued to the R330 at the prescribed 40kph

Joining R330 and increasing my speed to around 100kph I was surprised at how soon I caught up to the  offender particularly as he (I presumed it was a he) was surely travelling to an emergency having had to pass me in Cape St francis. In fact at one pont I had to slow slightly rather than having to pass.

Both of us turned down Homestead and as I always do, I turned into College Road with my destination being Spar. As I turned I noticed the SUV still running ahead of me still suddenly made a U-Turn and chased after me following me into the Spar car park. I must say the adrenalin was pumping a just little when the SUV pulled into the parking next to me for I still couldn’t make out the driver I expected a Mike Schutte look-a-like to emerge. Preparing myself to make an early entry into oblivion or at least another broken nose I was surprised as I started walking towards Spar that I was in fact being hunted down by an elderly woman and not Mike Schutte’s clone.

Well I should not have relaxed for the verbal attack was probably what Manchester United players faced when Fergie balled them out after a miserable performance. It seems as previously stated those living in Cape St Francis are allowed to speed and in any case she informed me she was in a hurry and allowed to speed. But admonishing her for speeding wasn’t the problem, it was that I had the audacity to hoot at her and give her a fright for, as she told me, it could have caused her to have an accident. Imagine that! Her speeding and crossing a solid white line would not have been the cause but rather because I hooted.

Fortunately she didn’t break my nose or send me into oblivion although she was annoyed enough to take a swipe at me and I apologized but pointed out that she had in fact broken the law, Hopefully whatever special was being offered at Spar that caused her emergency was still on offer by the time she got to the shop for I noticed when I finished my shopping she was still parked alongside me.