Speed Humps needed on Da Gama and at Spar

Speed hump needed on Da GamaIn spite of there being a 40km speed limit in Cape St Francis it seems some treat this little village as their own Monaco street circuit travelling way above the speed limit with some even passing on solid white lines. Certainly it is mostly out-of-towners who ignore the limits but there are a handful of locals who feel it is their right to speed. Possibly in the off season it really doesn’t pose too much danger but habits are habits and once the season starts, these habits may be hard to break setting the example that it is okay for visitors to speed.

But there is one area where speed does create a danger and the traffic authorities or our Ward Councillor should consider doing something about it sooner rather than later. This danger spot is the short stretch of road running between Cape St Francis Resort and Rock Lily on Da Gama Road. Vehicle and pedestrian traffic on this short stretch is bound to increase as the season gets into full swing and much of that foot traffic will be youngsters. Already the grass lawn next to Rock Lily sees kids romping over the weekend and with kids being kids, a ball inadvertently kicked onto the road could see a disaster.

The problem with this short stretch is that those heading north along Da Gama descend a steep hill approaching the resort and unless selecting a low gear, particularly trucks, or sitting on one’s breaks, it is difficult not to generate excessive speed. Travelling in the opposite direction, vehicles, again particularly trucks, are faced with a steep hill and thus approach at speed to make the climb. Either way there are the pedestrians to consider to say nothing of the vehicles slowing down to turn into the resort or Rock Lily parking.

A significant speed bump really is required at least at the bottom of the hill with possibly another just a little north of the resort’s entrance. That there hasn’t yet been a serious accident doesn’t give any guarantee that there won’t be.

Another place where a speed bump is desperately needed is at the bottom of the ramp going down to the lower SPAR parking. With cars negotiating in and out of parking bays again it is a wonder there haven’t been too many fender benders but then most people are considerate and drive slowly. That said, on Sunday morning this scribe, about to turn right into one of the first parking bays, was oh so nearly taken out by a white Toyota travelling at least 60kph down the ramp. That the driver missed me was a miracle for if I had turned a split second earlier there is little doubt the speeding vehicle would have hit me and then been deflected into the cars parked in the bays on the right. The driver seemed oblivious and never slowed until he came to screeching halt near the exit, offloaded his passenger who must work in the centre, before speeding off. The few who witnessed the incident stood open mouthed and shaking their heads at the idiot.