The Rotary Club of St Francis partnered with the organisers of the Adventure Racing World Championships last month for Soccer Ball Distribution donated by the Race participants.

60 Balls and Pumps

This week 8 St Francis-based clubs received their share of the 60 balls and pumps allocated for our town while their excited players cheered on.

Soccer Ball Distribution

Soccer Ball Distribution

Rotary’s project leader, Errol Burman thanked ARWS CEO, Heidi Muller, for the opportunity to participate. Over the next two weeks the balance of the balls and pumps collected are to be handed out to the various clubs identified along the Race route in Humansdorp, Jeffreys Bay, Tsitsikama, Hankey and Patensie.

43 Clubs To Benefit

In all 109 teams representing 40 different countries took part covering approximately 800 kms in between 4 – 9 days, with over 100 media representatives following the race. All competing teams were asked to donate soccer or rugby balls for soccer ball distribution to underprivileged communities along the race route. 43 clubs involving 1800 players which were identified in the Kouga region are set to benefit from these donations.

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