My name is Nick Burrows, I am originally from PE and I have been living in CT for the last 9 years.
I am a pilot, ex Mango with 5 years of bush flying experience in Botswana and 11 years’ experience in the airline industry.  During COVID I had an idea to start a small flying operation based in St Francis Bay.

My family and I moved to St Francis in Jan 2022 in hope that this idea would be successful.  The plan is to operate a PC12 out of St Francis Bay Airfield adhering to their procedures and rules.  This is in discussion and we still need to determine if this is at all feasible.

Please can you take the time to fill out the spreadsheet (link provided below).  This will help us to gauge if there is any appetite for this operation to be a success. There is a comment box at the end so feel free to comment.

Please share the link with all who you think will be interested.