St Francis Animal Rescue – Orphan’s Corner

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This sweet little puppy – Buddy – is ready to be adopted. His foster mother, Cindy, says he has a wonderful temperament and will be easy to train, discipline – and love! If you can offer Buddy a loving home – please call Cindy on:083 320 4173.

All these gorgeous kittens are available for adoption. If you are interested in welcoming one or more of these into your loving home, please call Jodi Kruger on: 082 440 1018

St Francis Animal Rescue - Orphaned PetsApart from being beautiful, Juniper is a warm, affectionate and obedient dog. She knows how to sit and give paw. She is also completely house-trained and an excellent watch dog.
She is socialized and enjoys the company of other dogs she meets on walks and when running on the beach. However, Juniper doesn’t get along with her owner’s other, older female dog and it is for this reason her owner is looking for another home for Juniper.
She will make the most wonderfully faithful and loving companion dog for someone lucky enough to adopt her.
If you are interested in discussing adopting her, please call Louisa on 082 657 2780.

St Francis Animal Rescue - Orphaned PetsSquaw and Apache are two 3 month old kittens fostered by St Francis Animal Rescuer’s cat catcher, Jodi Kruger. They are now completely domesticated and waiting for their forever homes.
Apache is the one with the white blaze over her nose. If you would like to welcome one or both of these sweet kittens into your loving home, please call Jodi on: 082 440 1018.


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