Vets rally to the call of the Sea Vista Spayathon

Sea Vista Spayathon

On July 15th and 16th July (Friday & Saturday) St Francis Animal Rescue in collaboration with Dr Nerine Botha from Aloe Vet, will be holding a Spayathon at the Community Hall in Sea Vista.

Sterilizing as many animals as possible from this township is a goal shared between volunteers of St Francis Animal Rescue and Dr Botha.
After the 2014 launch of the, ‘Open Your Eyes & Sterilize’ campaign, a large number of dogs and cats from our township have been spayed and neutered to reduce litters of unwanted puppies and kittens and eliminate the cruelty that often stems from over-breeding.

Dr Botha’s dream – to take this sterilization programme further through an annual Spayathon – is soon to be realized and township residents are invited to bring their animals to the Community Hall for free spaying and neutering.

Registration of animals takes place on Thursday July 15th from one o’clock. Dogs and cats will be weighed and, after an application of flea control medicine, booked in for surgery the next day.

A total of eight vets – colleagues of Dr Botha’s – will be participating in this event.

They will be bringing their own surgical equipment and tables from Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage and even further afield. We are also hoping that our own Dr Annelise Barker from Humansdorp Veterinary Clinic will be participating.

Over thirty volunteers have offered to assist with processing the intake of dogs and cats and caring for pets recovering from anaesthesia until they are ready to be safely returned to their owners.  Additional volunteers are on hand to help ferry dogs, cats and owners to their homes in Sea Vista.

St Francis Animal Rescue will be offering each sterilized dog a collar and leash, a bag of dog food – and hopefully – either a blanket or towel, to take home with them.  Cats will go home with a blanket and a bag of cat food.

Grateful thanks to Jeff and Liesel Clause from the Links Golf Club, who’ve  kindly agreed to deliver platters of finger food for vets and volunteers, There will also be a soup kitchen offering pet owners a cup of soup and a bread roll, while they wait for their pets to be admitted.

This Spayathon has been widely publicised through posters and leaflets produced in three languages and distributed throughout Sea Vista.

Help spread the word

If your staff are residents of Sea Vista and own a pet, please tell them to bring their dog or cat for registration on July 15th. Please also ask them to spread the word amongst their friends to encourage sterilization of as many cats and dogs as possible. The notices distributed to  community are copied at the end of this post.


Susan Rae Fox and her committee passed on thanks to the those who have so generously dropped off a bag or tin of food in the St Francis Animal Rescue trolley at SuperSpar which will remain in the store for food donations going forward and also to those who have dropped off food at TOFFEE in the village.

Also on Sue’s thank you list was  all those who have volunteered their time to assist at the Spayathon to help make the day a success..

Lastly and deserving very special mention Sue continued.  “Special thanks to Cape St Francis Resort for their generous support in providing accommodation for the vets and their assistant, your generosity is greatly appreciated”.

Spayathon Notice

Event organised by Open Your Eyes – Sterilize

in association with St Francis Bay Animal Rescue

Open your Eyes Sterilize