Talhado Children’s Haven

Sea Vista children eagerly queuing outside Talhado Children’s Haven to receive a hot meal – Photo: Lyn Aiten

The Sea Vista Clinic Committee and volunteers have re-opened the soup kitchen which used to be run by the late Aggie Louw. They are appealing to all of those generous folk and organisations who so kindly supported Aggie’s soup kitchen in the past to consider supporting the new project. This soup kitchen is intended to feed the needy children in Sea Vista as well as the elderly and infirm.

“There are many people in Sea Vista suffering from HIV and TB who are not well enough to work. These people must eat properly in order to take their medication. Our volunteers will be ensuring that these people’s needs are taken care of,” said Sea Vista Clinic committee members Hilda Fredericks.

The soup kitchen premises in Steenbras Street is in need of some refurbishments and re-stocking. Some paint has been donated and work on sprucing up the house will commence this week with the committee ladies and volunteers overseeing the project.

While the kitchen is being restored, the volunteers have re-opened the soup kitchen service using the kitchen facilities at Talhado Children’s Haven. They will be providing hot lunches from the Haven for the duration of the school holidays by which time the new soup kitchen will be ready to start operating. The kitchen at the Haven recently received a full face lift and improvements courtesy of Kouga Wind Farm so they are well equipped to host the soup kitchen during the holidays.

The committee have put together a “wish list” for the soup kitchen and are appealing for donations to help them get up and running. They are looking for :

  • 100 x soup bowls
  • 100 plates
  • 50 spoons
  • Pots – large, medium, small
  • Dishing up spoons and cooking utensils
  • 3 x Plastic bowls
  • 1 x kettle
  • Trays
  • 4 x buckets
  • Dish cloths,
  • Sunlight soap
  • Toilet paper
  • Black bags
  • Steel wool
  • Sponges
  • Handy Andy
  • Towels
  • 1 x yard broom
  • 2 x jugs
  • Insect spray
  • Light bulbs
  • Non-perishable foods

Anyone who has any of these items to donate can drop them off at St Francis Liquor Store in St Francis Drive.

For those who may prefer to make a financial contribution to the Sea Vista soup kitchen, the Rotary Satellite Club St Francis will accept donations on behalf of the soup kitchen and ensure that these are paid over.

Banking details:
Rotary Satellite Club St Francis
Standard Bank Humansdorp
Code 051001
Acc No 186525753
Reference : Soup + surname (i.e. soup smith)