Sand River Bridge construction on schedule

Work on the Sand River bridge is progressing on schedule and the huge pipe that will divert waters from the Sand River away from the main bridge construction site in the event of heavy rains or any of the dune ponds collapsing is all but complete.  The photograph below illustrates the size of the pipe and no doubt once the river flow has been redirected to flow through the pipe any unforeseen flooding will be effectively be diverted.

With the builder’s holidays due to start in a little over three weeks, construction will thankfully cease for the period when St Francis is at its busiest. Sadly it is inevitable that more accidents will happen on this short stretch of road over the festive season but the way the construction has straightened the temporary road will hopefully be effective in reducing these incidences and thus avoid a tragedy.

Pipe to divert Sand River in St Francis

ESKOM Fence?

Anyone know what happened to the Eskom fence?

It seems from the tyre tracks in the sand, a vehicle travelling south towards Cape St Francis must have lost control, possibly to avoid a farm animal. This is a 60kilometre zone but it appears very few have any respect for speed signs in St Francis. Ignoring speed restrictions seems even more prevalent in Cape St Francis where a 40 kilometre speed limit is in place and it seems more and more common for impatient drivers totally ignore the limits. As this little village fills up with visitors more and more kids will be on the roads so one must hope sense and respect of the rules of the road will prevail.

Eskom fence damaged