From The Office Of Kouga Executive Mayor: Hattingh Bornman

Kouga Municipality is pleased to provide residents with an update on the current state of our local roads, the road conditions and improvements. Also, the ongoing efforts to enhance their condition.

While progress is being made, it is acknowledged that we are still some distance away from achieving the desired permanent outcomes. Various factors contribute to the slow pace of improvement. Still, rest assured, proactive measures are in motion to address the situation.

Over many years, our road infrastructure has faced neglect, reaching a point where fixing potholes is no longer an adequate solution. Recognizing this, the municipality is committed to reforming its approach to pave the way for tangible and lasting progress.

Road Conditions and Improvements

It is important to note that some roads in Kouga fall under provincial jurisdiction, presenting challenges in their maintenance. We have engaged with the Provincial Department of Roads concerning these roads. They have committed to commence upgrades on the Main Road and Park Street in Humansdorp in early 2024.

They have, furthermore, committed to upgrading the R330 between Humansdorp and Hankey.

The road between Humansdorp and St Francis Bay is unfortunately not on the provincial list for upgrading, but they have committed to focus on major portions for patching.

Da Gama Road

In Jeffreys Bay, Da Gama Road and St Francis Street are in the process of being transferred to the municipality. We hope to get final approval from the department early in 2024.

In September 2023 we hosted a first “Rescue our Roads” meeting. This was attended by engineers, contractors and stakeholders from all over the country. Very productive actions and exciting opportunities emanated from this meeting. More details on these developments will be communicated soon.

In our daily road maintenance operations, additional personnel have been engaged to swiftly address potholes. While this serves as a temporary solution, our primary objective is to ensure the safety of our roads and instill confidence in motorists. Regular training and transferring of skills to our pothole teams is a priority.

R70 Million Investment

Over the past two years, an investment exceeding R70 million has been made in the tarring of gravel roads through grant funding. Further securing of funding for phases three and four demonstrates our commitment to comprehensive road improvement.

As far as our own tar road upgrading is concerned, we have in the last six months alone, spent over R17 million in upgrading approximately 9km of roads in Humansdorp, Jeffreys Bay, and St Francis Bay.

The upcoming phase will see the Gamtoos Valley region get much needed upgrades as well.

150 Kilometers Of Upgrades

Presently, discussions with financial institutions are underway to secure a loan aimed at addressing the challenging situation. The immediate goal is to upgrade 150 kilometers of road withing the next 18 months.

This initiative stands as a top priority for the municipality, emphasising our commitment to rectifying infrastructure issues as expeditiously as possible. This is critical also from an economic development and tourism point of view.

The municipality expresses its sincere gratitude to residents for their patience during this period of road inconvenience. Every effort is being made to promptly rectify the situation and ensure improved road conditions for all.

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