St Francis BayEvent #2 in the 2022 Rip Curl GromSearch Series will be heading for Seal Point, Cape St Francis, towards the end of the month. The junior contest will take place at the right-hand point-break of Seal Point on 23/24 July. Seals is a popular, user-friendly, high-performance wave conducive to new school approaches to surfing.

The Rip Curl GromSearch contest is presented by Sea Harvest and supported by The Cape St Francis Resort. There are special accommodation rates for contestants and their families; see bottom of the release. 

Entries for the tournament are open, and you can find them on the Surfing South Africa ( website. Latest entries include Connor Slijpen, Joel Gernetsky, Maya Malherbe, Adam Faclier, Aimee Du Preez, Noah Kahn and Josh Malherbe. 


Connor Slijpen © Louis Wulff


Remember that once the contest is full (i.e. the maximum number of heats per day is reached), no more entries will be accepted. This closure will happen even if it is before the advertised closing date. Heats and a provisional schedule can be found and followed on Liveheats closer to the event’s start. 

July is historically a good time of the year for the St Francis Bay and JBay region regarding waves. Consistent southwest swells reach the pointbreaks during this time of the year, and there is a good chance that the contest will be blessed with excellent surf.

Josh Malherbe © Louid Wulff

The first competition in the 2022 series took place at Victoria Bay, and the contest was a massive success. There were stoked surfers from all over the country on the podiums, and it was a welcome return for Rip Curl into the realms of junior competitive surfing in South Africa. 

The Rip Curl GromSearch series has always been a great stepping stone for the recent champions of our sport. Former International GromSearch competitors who have successfully competed or are currently competing on the various WSL Tours include Jordy Smith, Kolohe Andino, Filipe Toledo, Stephanie Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbons and Tyler Wright. 

“We’re looking forward to having the second leg of the Rip Curl GromSearch series at Seal Point,” said Rip Curl South Africa’s CEO Stuart Daykin. “Good luck to all the competitors.” 

This tournament will once again have U12 boys and girls, U14 boys and girls, U16 boys and girls and U18 boys and girls divisions competing. The competition is a Premier SAST event, with 1,000 points going to the winners and prizemoney per a premier event. 

Contestants must register as members of Surfing South Africa to compete in this Premier SAST Event. Click Here to register as an SSA member/ 

The beautiful Cape St Francis Resort is supporting the Rip Curl GromSearch. Bordering the beach at Cape St Francis, just a few minutes from the contest venue, Cape St Francis Resort ticks all the boxes as a perfect beach holiday destination.

The Resort has a unique setting. Several accommodation options include conventional hotel rooms and three- and four-bedroom cottages. There are also luxury beach villas. The Cape St Francis Resort is ideal for couples, surfers, families and anyone who loves a beach holiday. All are suitable for either a bed and breakfast choice or a self-catering option. 

There are discounted rates available for anyone coming down for the contest. You can find these rates at the bottom of the release. 

Alternatively, phone Anita at the Resort on 082 494 3755 or 042 298 0054, or email

Accommodation Options at the Cape St Francis Resort