A Classical Music Evening

A Classic Affair at Dune RidgeDune Ridge Country House will be hosting a classical music soiree on Sunday evening 17th April featuring some of the hidden talent that exists in the area.

There is a great deal of hidden talent living in the greater St Francis area, many highly qualified, talented and skilled. They have now passed their working years but they have not lost their skills with music. A group of retired musicians have come together and decided that home concerts would be a good idea. However finding a suitable home with a piano was a challenge. Someone remembered that there is a wonderful old piano at the Dune Ridge Lodge and so the idea of regular concerts at the Dunes was born.

The event is in the form of a Soiree, meaning an evening where one meets other local residents with a commonality of good music, good company and good food and all for the price of R 125-00. Fortunately Sarah from the Dunes has the same taste so we have been very fortunate to have found the perfect venue for our local talent soirees.

How amazing for retires musicians to be able to share their wonderful gift and genius with us and at the same time for them to be able to carry on using their hard earned skills.

If anyone is interested to go to the soirees please contact the Dune Ridge Lodge on 042 2941560 or reservations@duneridgestfrancis.co.za

If there are any more retired musicians that would like to join A Classic Affair please contact Sandra Hansen on info@evergreen-press.com and cell 082 706 3703