One of the advantages of being retired, well sort of retired, on cold, wet and windy days one has options available. Stay in bed with a good book until it warms up, shuffle through to your favourite chair and sit and watch TV covered with a blanket until it warms up or, be brave and face the shower  with fortitude.

Being 6th June , the 75th anniversary of D-Day I had already chosen the second option no matter the weather for both Sky-News and CNN had given notice that they would be giving extensive coverage to events at Omaha Beach in Normandy being attended by Presidents Trump and Macron as well other commemorations at other events both sides of the channel attended by Royalty,

And what a rewarding decision it was for both channels gave so much insight into the events of that day 75 years ago that changed not only the course of the war but the freedoms we enjoy today.

Many older South African men have had to face battle at young age as did the brave men who landed on Normandy beaches that day. To all of these souls we must honour their bravery too for running into battle knowing that the next bullet could end your life is indeed the ultimate sacrifice for one’s country.

The events were attended by many of the courageous men who on that day stormed the beaches only to see comrades at arms mowed down by Nazi gunfire. Now in their nineties, most of these true veterans were still in their teens at the time and to see them honoured was a moving, poignant experience even if it was only a television rendition of the events and certainly brought a tear to the eye on more than one occasion.

Surprisingly the highlight of the day was the speech by President Trump. For once it wasn’t all about him, how great, how wonderful and important he is. Yesterday he spoke of the bravery of a generation that sacrificed so much. Citing individual acts of bravery of some of the men were actually present, shaking their hands and embracing them truly added to not just the emotion of the event but more than illustrated the bravery of those present and those lost forever.

Thank you SkyNews and CNN for not only commemorating the event but also for reminding us what so many of our parent of those us in our late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s suffered from 1939 to 1945.