Rotary Recycle Swap Shop Project

Having been closed since before Christmas the Rotary Recycle Swap Shop Project is due to re-open on the Thursday 6th April at the site at God’s Care on Tarragona Road, Sea Vista.

Although aimed primarily at the kids of Sea Vista, local St Francis residents are encouraged to bring their recycling material to the project between 9:00 am and 12 noon. Not only will your recyclable matter make the project a whole lot more viable in terms of raising money but it truly is the responsibility of every being to recycle, particularly plastics that are suffocating our oceans.

The Swap Shop operates in the afternoon after school allowing kids opportunity to bring the recycling matter they have collected during the month to swap their for points that buys them items from the shop. It is so heartening to witness these kids dragging overloaded bags full of paper, plastic or glass to earn a tube of toothpaste, a box of biscuits or even a bicycle as one youngster did a year or so ago.

But the point is that if these youngsters can make such an effort, surely we too by saving up our recycling matter and taking them to God’s Acre once a month.

And who knows ….  maybe one of the construction companies will one day see an opportunity of allocating a truck to collect, street by street, recycling from residents once a week. For a small charge to households this could prove to be not only a great PR exercise but could lead to a whole new local industry creating much needed employment.