Make it a permanent Recycling Facility Please Mr Mayor

The temporary recycling depot proved a huge success over the season. It was extremely well supported by home owners and holiday makers all of whom adhered to the requirements to pack their recyclables in bags with no household refuse being dropped. Those that made use of the facility were very grateful to be able to recycle. Feedback from St Francis Property Owners Nigel Aitken who took the initiative under his wing said “people complimented the way the site was managed by the two local men employed for the project. Thank you to everyone who supported the project”

A PE based recycling company stepped in to remove most of the waste timeously and one would hope that they be encouraged to continue assisting if the SFPO is able to convince the Kouga Municipality to leave the recycling facility in place permanently. According to Aitken they (SFPO) will submit a request to the Municipality to make this an official transit site. Here hoping the municipality approves the facility for the importance of recycling is becoming a major concern in countries around the world.

Some time ago, before the criminal element in Sea Vista put a stop to it, Rotary ran a very successful program where the kids of Sea Vista were rewarded for bringing recyclables to Gods Acre. If only this could in some way be revived not only from reducing the amount of plastic waste flying around the town and into the ocean but also as a learning process for the kids to recycle.

Obviously a secure drop off point would need to be established and maybe now with CCTV in place cameras could be installed at Gods Acre to allow this area to once again serve the community not only for recycling but also as the base for the Sea Cadets that operated from here before vandals put an end to Oliver’s work with the youngsters of Sea Vista