There has been a fair amount of discussion on social regarding the barriers that FOSTER has erected along the walkways on the Wildside. here is one readers view.

I am shocked and most disappointed with the barriers which FOSTER constructed in the pathway on the Wild Side in Cape St Francis. My reasons are as follows:

The St Francis Area is amongst other things advertised as a tourist destination and one of the attractions is “ A Walk On The Wild Side”.  As a result of these barriers a walk on the wild side has now become an obstacle course with distracting human intrusion in nature.  Also, one cannot walk there without risking injury.

These barriers create an unwelcoming atmosphere and are an insult to residents as well as tourists. Cyclists are treated as naughty children and in the process the hikers and runners are punished as well.  Surely the average person enjoying his/her outdoor exercise in this beautiful area, is able to read and understand the signs used for indicating different types of routes.

Extreme measures such as these are totally unwarranted and could even have a negative effect on tourism to Cape St Francis and possible new buyers of property.  It creates an unfriendly impression and testifies a relentless attitude towards cyclists and hikers to such an extent that everyone using these pathways is adversely affected. Surely this will affect property prices negatively.

May I ask: What is behind this?  Will the other nature reserves such as the Irma Booysen Reserve where different pathways are designated for cyclists and hikers be treated in a similar way in future?

My request is that the barriers are removed completely.

Until then of course my contribution to FOSTER stops here.”

Concerned resident