The Belfry Kitchen where cash is not essential!

Twenty three Prime Timers booked for their second outing that saw them visiting the Belfry Kitchen in Twee Rivier for a delicious 4-course Sunday lunch.  Set in beautiful surroundings, the ‘kitchen’ in its very simplest form, is a lunchtime café for serving staff and students as well as doubling as the town’s post office.

Prime Timers visiting The Belfry Kitchen in Twee Rivier

The Belfry Kitchen offers a practical answer to these economic times – both present and ahead and dining or shopping at the kitchen does not necessarily require cash for barter trades are welcome. The Prime Timers chose the cash option for at R56.00 for a delicious four-course meal it was a steal. The food served at the ‘kitchen’ is all home grown or homemade, from the vegetables to the cheese served with home baked bread with homemade butter with even the meat coming from the farm for The Belfry Kitchen believes ‘even slaughtering and hunting find their proper place in this circle of supply’.

A stunning venue with excellent food and company!

Paulene and Colleen certainly seem to be able to find great places to visit for these Prime Timer outings and obviously are able to negotiate good value from the venues they choose. Last month Prime Timers visited Addo Elephant followed by a lunch at nearby Hopefield Country House at a cost of just R148 for the day’s outing. No doubt members of the newly formed group await news of the next Prime Timers outing with great anticipation.

Thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended!

For more information on Prime Timers, how to join and other information, call Paulene on 084 7897801 or 042 2940301.

Lunch at The Belfrey Kitchen

Lunch at The Belfrey Kitchen

About the Belfry Kitchen and what it is not trying to be

The Belfry does not have the pursuit of healthy living in mind. If it achieves this, it is incidental.

The Belfry does not pursue the pleasing of its customers, but chooses rather to rekindle and demonstrate a former way – long before the misery of consumer-dom conferred its despondent role.

The Belfry does not aim to offer a recreational break or respite from real life, but takes delight in exhibiting the most sober and encouraging reflection of it, in all its facets, both glorious and humble.

The Belfry Kitchen