The weather has been clear for some time but it seems little is being done to fix the hundreds of potholes on our roads.  The hill from the village up to Santareme has become positively dangerous, both up and down, and almost impossible to navigate without either crossing the white line at some point to avoid damaging a tyre. The road is an accident waiting to happen and one wonders if a legal case could be brought against the Municipality if someone were to be injured in a collision caused by a driver swerving to avoid a pothole.

Chatting with a local maintenance guy,  Louis Burger recently, he suggested a great idea which he in fact he has instituted. Very often roads around building site are badly potholed and remain that way long after the contractors have left site. Louis suggestion is that contractors use their excess concrete at the end of each days work to fill the potholes usually caused by the heavy vehicles delivering bricks, sand and equipment to their building sites. Once they have filled the potholes around their building sites they could fill holes near by. Every little bit helps and whilst not a perfect solution at least there would be fewer potholes.