Penguin Art Display at Cape St Francis Lighthouse

Louannr Mostert and Luan Cloete at SANCCOB Penguin Art Exhibition

Louanne Mostert and Luan Cloete at SANCCOB “Beacon of Hope” Penguin Art Exhibition

Local Santareme artist Luan Cloete held an exhibition of his paintings of penguins at the Cape St Francis Lighthouse yesterday afternoon. On display were his paintings of individual birds, beautifully painted and instantly recognisable to those who have gotten to know some of the permanent characters living at the facility. Next to each painting, Luan composed a short interpretation of each painting.

The paintings have now also been compiled  into a calendar for 2016 aptly named “Beacon of Hope”. So if you are doing some last minute Christmas shopping looking for the perfect gift, get over to the SANCCOB facility in Cape St Francis and purchase a calendar for a gift that will give the receiver 12 months of joy.

Whilst the exhibition was open to the public only for the afternoon, Louanne Mostert of SANCCOB has said that they hope to be host another showing next week so watch this space for news on a further showing.

And some great news on the iconic lighthouse. With the refurbishing of the exterior of the lighthouse now complete, final touches are being made to the interior and the news is that it should be open for lighthouse tours again this coming February.

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