PARADISE BEACH – In a concerted effort to safeguard water resources and fortify conservation endeavours, Kouga Municipality is currently undertaking the restoration of the Paradise Beach Water Tower at a cost of close to R9.7 million.

This project encompasses not only repairing the tower, but also involves replacing outdated pipelines and installing a new perimeter fence.

It is estimated that work, that commenced in October 2023, will be completed in May 2024.

Integrity Of The Tower

“The repair work aims not only to reinforce the structural integrity of the tower, but also to enhance its efficiency,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Hattingh Bornman. “By repairing the tower, we can ensure better water management and decrease the risk of wastage due to leaks or inefficiencies.

“This undertaking stands as a testament to the municipality’s commitment to sustainable practices and responsible resource management – ensuring that the tap never runs dry for our residents.

Water, the lifeblood of Kouga

“Water, the lifeblood of Kouga, requires diligent care and attention, especially in the face of environmental challenges and growing water scarcity concerns.”

According to Bornman, the municipality urges residents to continue to use water sparingly and implement practices that contribute to the preservation of this invaluable resource.

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