Pam Golding St Francis Bay reaps reward

Updating the article on the success of the Sport Equipment appeal put out by Pam Golding and The Village Superspar draws attention to just how much these two organisations do for the St Francis Community at large. There is hardly an event that happens in St Francis that does not have the Spar banner attached and it seems the Pam Golding flag is often flying pretty close by.

All that The Village Superspar does to support St Francis needs to be an article on its own so today we are going to take a look rather at Pam Golding,  particularly as the St Francis franchise owner, Richard Arderne, has recently been in the news for reasons other than raising funds, sponsoring, surfing, paddling or swimming.

Pam Golding through Richard is also a major contributor to the annual Teddy Bear “Teddy’s for Disney Crèche Kids”, St Francis Animal Rescue and sponsors many event including The Pam Golding Ladies Open Golf, The Pam Golding Annual played each year for the past 11 years at The Links, King of the Kromme, The Canals Winter Challenge paddling race also held for the past 11 years. Forgive us Richard if we have missed a few for we probably have.

But there is more to Richard than supporting the community for recently he received reward for his generosity and efforts to support our community when he and his team won the Pam Golding Properties National Franchise Office of the Year at the recent Pam Golding annual conference held at Fancourt last week.

The local franchise competes in the smaller category of the organisation along with 45 other franchises leaving the cities and bigger towns to do battle in the ‘large’ category.  A great achievement and a great accolade for Richard and his team

Richard had this to say.  “This award was completely unexpected, and I had been saying to a few people at the conference (and before that over the last few years!) that I have never left my chair at the annual national and regional awards ceremonies other than to go to the toilet or bar and that I have been a clapping machine for so many others!

I did know that we have had our best year since we took over the franchise in 2005, and that our sales turnover for the 12 months to February this year was only surpassed by franchises in much bigger towns, so it shouldn’t have been such a surprise when my name was called out, but it certainly was!

My thanks to a fantastic team especially Lois Fox (consistently one of the top Pam Golding agents in the East Cape over the past ten years) and Neil Fox (not far behind Lois) who were with me at our luxurious three day conference at Fancourt,  and to the rest of the amazing estate agents Emily Obray and Christelle Van Wyk, and our holiday rentals team of Krystal Scott and Leandie Terblanche, and Jancke Beer, our office administrator, as well as Majory Lippert, Gerald Claasen, and of course Jane Arderne for this award is really about them and they they are such a pleasure to work with”.

Well done Richard and team you make St Francis proud!