Pam Golding celebrates 40, 20 and 10

At an extremely well attended function held at Quaysyde Restaurant on Sea Glades Drive last Thursday evening. Pam Golding CEO, Andrew Golding congratulated Richard Arderne on his and his team’s accomplishments in the ten years that he has headed up Pam Golding St Francis Bay.

Introducing Andrew to a gathering of around 150 local residents, Richard gave background of his long association with the Golding family having been at school with Andrew’s brother and tracing his family tree back to find they are in fact distantly related. Richard also told of his association with St Francis Bay where his wife, Jane’s father, Derek Purdy father purchased a property in St Francis Bay way back in 1970. Jane’s parents finally retired to St Francis Bay in 2000 and thus Richard and family became regular visitors over the holidays.

Having worked in the property industry in Cape Town Richard made a life changing decision to move to St Francis Bay eleven years ago and with the Pam Golding franchise available and his long association with the Golding family, it presented his family a perfect opportunity. And so ten years on Pam Golding Properties St Francis Bay is celebrating its tenth anniversary under the guidance of Richard.

As things would have it, the 10 year celebration coincided perfectly with both the 20 year anniversary of the Pam Golding agency in St Francis Bay as well as the 40th anniversary of Pam Golding Properties as a major force within the property industry in South Africa and indeed internationally.

At a ceremony in Port Elizabeth at the Tramways building near the harbour the previous evening Andrew Golding was the guest of honour at the Pam Golding’s Eastern Cape’s celebration of 40 years and here, one of Richard’s team, Lois Fox was congratulated by Chief Executive Andrew Golding as the top Pam Golding agent for 2015/2016 in the East Cape at the annual Gold Club awards. She was in third place in the wider region stretching from Riversdale to East London, and the Karoo and Northern Cape.

In his speech at the Quaysyde function Andrew gave an overview of the South African property market which was indeed interesting. Whilst South Africa faces many problems politically and financially, particularly since the Nenegate debacle, it is heartening to know that the property market is so very buoyant and active, particularly in the Western Cape with many from Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal choosing the Cape as their new home. Most interesting in Andrew’s speech was the development at the old Ambassador Hotel in Bantry Bay. Having visited this landmark hotel several times it was interesting to hear that it is being converted from an hotel to luxury apartments, each taking up an entire floor of this eight story building and selling for anything up to R120 million.

Congratulations Richard and your team on your accomplishment over the past ten years.


What we need now is for Nelson Mandela Bay metro and as importantly, Kouga, to benefit from this migration south by becoming DA strongholds.

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