During her SOMA address last week Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen raised the extremely sensitive issue, well sensitive to those who have experienced the inefficiency of the driver licensing department. Whilst the Mayor makes mention that they have requested three new LEU’s (Live Enrolment Units) from the Department of Transport it is doubtful these will help if staff in the Driver’s License renewal section remain en bloc.  Possibly these employees are leftovers from the previous administration but whatever, they are demotivated, disinterested, rude and dismissive. Whether this is on instruction of their previous employers to make their present administration appear inefficient or simply in their culture, but a new broom needs to sweep out some of the old dust.

In a previous post “Chaos at Licensing Department” SFT suggested maybe training up matriculated or university graduates who cannot find work for certainly they would be thankful for employment and motivated to do a good job if for no other reason than they would be getting valuable and necessary work experience. In her SOMA speech, the Mayor commented: “I would also like to appeal to our business sector to develop youth mentorship programmes and become actively involved in shaping the ample young talent we have in the Kouga region”. Here is an opportunity for the municipality to start the ball rolling.

The Mayor also suggested that new premises were needed for the licensing department but surely if the system were followed the existing premises, although not ideal, has the necessary space. The waiting room is far larger than needed and the testing area, if the public were blocked from entering, would also be more than adequate. A little spit and polish and coat of paint and adherence to the system would go a long way and would save on increased rent of new premises. It is the disorganisation and lassitude among employees that make this department a blight on the good work the municipality is displaying in so many other areas of their management of the region.

And one last suggestion! It seems many a driver from Port Elizabeth travels to Humansdorp to renew their license for even as bad as this service may be, it is apparently still quicker than trying to renew a license in Port Elizabeth. You now have to show your ‘Proof of Residency‘ when applying for a new divers license so maybe those who reside n the Kouga region should be given priority.

But the traffic department aside, the mentorship programmes suggested by the Mayor are certainly worth pursuing and if some of the larger Kouga based businesses each employed one or two matriculants or graduates from the disadvantaged communities not only would they be reducing unemployment in the region but would certainly be helping in building a better community.

Just a thought!