David Harpur has had many questions from potential supporters of the Camera and Security enhancement plans for SANTAREME PHASE ONE ARE

One regularly recurring question is about the location of the poles and cameras planned for the area. There is concern that there is some secrecy around where the poles and cameras will be sited and demands from residents to have a note of the intended sites.

The facts are that there is no fixed plan on where the poles and cameras will be sited although there has been some thought as to where best they could be positioned to give the greatest most effective coverage of the area.

The actual plan is once the number of supporters is finally known the Santareme Committee will work with Atlas as the experts in the field to find the best most strategic position for all the poles and cameras to give us the greatest possible coverage of the area in question. This will avoid the concern of residents that the so called Committee members may all end up with a pole and cameras outside their own property.

This is a community project and there are no vested interests that will be tolerated.


Please address any further questions or concerns to;


Nigel Harvey…..guff.harvey@hotmail.com or 076 430 2101

Nina Cloete…..nina@rangecom.net or 063 100 4075

David  Harpur….. david@harpur.co.za or 082 441 4486