Save Water

Update – 5th November

Dams continuing to drop in spite of recent rains 

According to a weekly report released by the Department, the combined provincial water storage has taken a staggering decline from 64.6% at the same period last year to 50.7% this week.

A bit of fun – Cup of Coffee winner is Frank Nunan –  Below is Franks submission on saving water at thus he wins a cup of offee or a Bells (his choice)

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Hi. There are 2 of us in the house, and we have not used municipal water to flush toilets or water the garden or wash the car since January 2018. We have 25l paint drums placed to catch run-off from our (Sadly un-gutterred) roof, and we have two large black dustbins to catch water from the washing machine. We also use a large plastic basin to catch shower water, and the washing machine water and shower water is used to flush toilets. Yes, its a hassle, filling the cisterns by hand with buckets, but it has become second nature. Also, as our kitchen sink is some distance from the geyser, it takes a while for hot water to reach it. The cold water is caught in jugs and there is a row of 2 l softdrink bottles on the counter which are filled with this water, which is then used for boiling in the kettle, watering indoor plants etc. Simple, but effective methods, merely requiring a bit of effort – our water usage is well below the 50l per person per day.



Are we taking the drought situation we find ourselves in seriously enough? Are the sporadic rainy days hoodwinking us into believing all is well on the banks of the Kouga Dam?  Well the truth is we are again in a serious drought and we need to realise it. Just read  about the drought conditions in other regions in the Eastern Cape and accept we are not far away from where we were 18 months ago.

Comments on Facebook recently indicate NO we are not taking he drought seriously. People washing their cars with hoses, watering gardens and lawns with hoses or sprinklers seemingly ignorant of the 50 liter per day restriction that is in place throughout Kouga.  We haven’t reached the season yet but already the dams levels are dropping alarmingly at over 1% a week and as the weather warms, so the dams will fall more quickly.

If you neighbour is washing his car with a hose, confront him (politely of course) but it is up to each of us to create an awareness. Those who are hooked on posting on Facebook or Whatsapp make it count with something useful like what you are doing to save water. Create a conversation on water saving and that way we can recreate an awareness to the need to save water.

It will be too late when we run out of water so let’s save it whilst we still have it. Sadly the municipality is not making any effort to remind or encourage water saving so we need to set the example.

Comment below on how you are saving water. Best comment we will buy you a cup of coffee.

Dam Levels as at 21 October