Following comments on Social Media regarding the potential of spreading the virus when several members of a single family all visiting our local SuperSpar when only one person should in fact be in the store, the management of The Village Square SuperSpar has  issued the following statement.

“At Village Square SUPERSPAR we are committed to the safety of our staff and all customers. We are currently only admitting half of our customers as per government legislation and regulations. We are monitoring our customer count on a daily basis and will take the necessary precautions as necessary as we did in the past. Whilst SPAR takes these precautions we urge customers to also exercise caution and common sense when visiting the store.”

A good idea for the more elderly is to make us of the Trolley Dolly’s service who will do your shop for you. For more details call Jo Brown on 072 920 6213.

Trolly Dolly St Francis

NOTE: The editor has taken to using Trolley Dolly’s service owing to his ever increasing deteriorating mobility and can highly recommend their service.