Official comment on St FrancisTip Closure

The open letter from “Concerned Residents” last week regarding the St Francis Tip seems to have at last brought some official comment of the closure of the St Francis Tip. St Francis Today received the following  late Friday from Ward Councillor Ben Rheeder which hopefully clears up some of the confusion. Could the sudden urgency of Council be that maybe the Department of Environmental Affairs is threatening punitive action against the Council for this matter has really dragged on for far too long?


  1. Cllr Ben Rheeder welcomed everybody present and Mr. P. Leen opened the meeting with a short prayer. (See attendance list).
  2. None.
  3. Cllr Rheeder explained that there is only one item on the agenda, namely the closure of the St Francis Bay refuse site and the proposed Transfer Station.
  4. Closure of the Refuse Site. After various discussions and inputs from the meeting, following come to light.
  5. The St Francis Refuse Site is an illegal site and that a closing certificate was issued by the Department of Environmental Affairs. Kouga Municipality is therefore forced to close the site.
  6. At this stage the St Francis Bay refuse site is still used for dumping building rubble and garden refuse. An immediate closure of the site may create financial problems and possible legal actions against Kouga Municipality.
  7. That after closure building rubble and bulk garden refuse should go to the Humansdorp refuse site.
  8. That the residents of the Greater St Francis should be notified of the closure of the site.  A notice two months before final closure seemed to be enough time.  Notice should be in the local newspapers and on the municipal accounts of people who lives in Ward 12.
  9. Transfer Station. Gcobisa Dadamasi told the meeting that it is a “Drop Off” point that is planned for St Francis and not a “Transfer Station”. (The Drop Off point may later change into a Transfer Station).  A drop off point is for household refuse and small amount of garden refuse in bags.  The drop off point will be six skips with a ramp between them and will be enclosed with entrance control. After discussion the following sites were identified for a drop off point;
  10. Erf 745/75 on Tarragona Road or opposite it as a first choice.
  11. At the entrance of the existing refuse site.
  12. To be determined when formalizing the informal area next to Sea Vista.
  13. Kouga Municipality investigates the mentioned sites and advertises the chosen site.

Ben Rheeder – Ward Councillor