Thyspunt Environmental Report “fatally flawed”

This is the first in a series of articles submitted by Hilton Thorpe of Kromme Trust. St Francis Today invite readers to make comment and / or submit any articles either in favour of or against the Thyspunt nuclear development.

The Response period by the public to the “Nuclear 1 Final Environmental Impact Report” expired on 12 May, 2016. Submissions have been sent in to the Department of Environmental Affairs by the various member bodies of the Thyspunt Alliance, with different bodies focusing on different aspects.

During the EIA process, Eskom has constantly stated, in response to difficult questions, that the specialists had identified “No fatal flaws” in the various impacts investigated. The implication was that there was no valid reason for the DEA to refuse a favourable Record of Decision (ROD).

The St Francis Kromme Trust has followed up on four main issues:  Impact Rating Criteria; Social Impact Assessment; Impact on Sense of Place; and emergency planning proposals. This letter reports on these. Details from other Interested and Affected Parties can be expected.  

The Kromme Trust believes that all four issues contain fatal flaws.

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Flawed Impact Rating Criteria (IRCs)

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