National Sea RescueNSRI and SANCCOB join forces to rescue entangled  seal

St Francis Bay duty crew were activated yesterday (Monday 13 August) afternoon following reports from SANNCOB (SA Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds) who were on the scene at Shark Point after members of the public called in for a seal entangled in fishing gut, sitting on rocks.

Efforts to assist the same seal, believed to be a Cape Fur Seal were unsuccessful on Sunday
after the seal was spotted at the Port sitting on rock. An NSRI St Francis Bay crew went to help SANNCOB members and Bayworld research members on the scene but attempts to capture the seal to free it from entanglement in fishing gut were unsuccessful after the seal was too quick and slippery and managed to escape efforts at attempts to capture the seal.

The seal did not surface after diving under water and the worst was feared but we asked members of the public who live in the area and NSRI crew who live in the area to keep a look-out for the seal.

Yesterday the NSRI duty crew again responded to join SANCCOB members on the scene at Shark Rock. SANNCOB volunteers using a specialised net that Bayworld had loaned them for the operation, were able to capture the seal and cut thick fishing gut that entangled the seal. Once free of the fishing gut the seal was released and is expected to survive the ordeal.

The concerned members of the public who called to report the incident are commended for their efforts but again the call goes out for fisherman to do all they can to recover fishing line..