NSRI STATION 21 - St Francis BayNSRI St Francis Bay

NSRI St Francis Bay duty crew were activated last Tuesday afternoon following a request for a tow from a crew on a 4.2 meter inflatable boat reporting a faulty fuel line that caused a small fire aboard their boat.
The small fire had been extinguished by them and they reported to be at anchor 500 meters off-shore of the lighthouse at Cape St Francis but with no motor power, they requested to be towed.

The sea rescue craft Spirit of St Francis was launched and on arrival with the distressed craft rigged a towline and towed them safely to Port St Francis without incident.

Earlier in the day NSRI medics medically assisted a fisherman with a medical complaint at Port St Francis.

Private Care ambulance services were activated and the Cape Town fisherman was transported to hospital by Private Care ambulance in a stable condition.

NSRI Port Elizabeth

NSRI Port Elizabeth duty crew were activated following reports of a drowning in progress at Swartkops River Mouth late on Saturday afernoon .

Sea rescue craft JLK Rescuer launched and joined SA Police Services, Coastal Water Rescue, EC Government EMS and Bluewater Bay lifeguards in searching for a local 11 year old boy thought to have slipped into the water before being swept away by rip currents in an outgoing tide.

Despite an extensive sea and shoreline search no sign of the child was found.

Police trauma counsellors are assisting family of the missing child and Police are investigating.

On Sunday Police and a Police K-9 Search and Rescue squad with the assistance of NSRI Port Elizabeth, Coastal Water Rescue, Bluewater Bay lifeguards, continued with the search. A Police helicopter also joined in the ongoing search on Sunday.

The child remains missing and thoughts are with the family in this difficult time.

 Earlier in the week

On Thursday evening NSRI Port Elizabeth duty crew were activated to assist in evacuating a crewman suffering a medical complaint from an oil tanker heading towards Port Elizabeth.

MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre), a Government Health EMS duty doctor and Telkom Maritime Radio Services assisted in coordinating the patient evacuation.

The sea rescue craft JLK Rescuer was launched accompanied by an EC Government Health EMS rescue paramedic.

The NSRI crew rendezvoused with the oil tanker 4 nautical miles off-shore of the Port of Port Elizabeth. The EMS rescue paramedic and NSRI rescue crew were transferred onto the tanker and the patient, in a stable condition, was secured into a specialised stretcher and transferred onto the sea rescue craft.

The adult male patient was brought to shore and he has been transported to hospital by EMS ambulance in a stable condition.