Thanks for all the support after the first version of St Francis Today 2.0 went out last Friday. Positive and encouraging, it was also good to learn how much St Francis Bay’s local community enjoys and needs the newsletter and website.
As mentioned, there will be a load of local news and information because a lot is going on in St Francis Bay. We have a bustling village with many highly skilled and talented people in it.

Wild Flower Walk
Next weekend sees the return of the St Francis Field Wild Flower Show with guided walks, fynbos displays and slideshows, organized by Dave Bowmer and FOSTER.
It is a wonderful way to learn about and enjoy our natural fynbos beauty around the greater St Francis area.

Registrations for the Wild Flower Walk can be done through Colleen Smith. No cost but donations will be taken for FOSTER. The flowers are looking stunning and for any further details, contact Colleen. or cell 0826733754.


St Francis Market
Next weekend also sees the local St Francis market’ outdoor shopping experience’ on Saturday 89th, weather permitting. The St Francis market has become extremely popular, and there are so many great products to buy. The homemade food and farm products are great, the local clothing is awesome, and we all like to Support Local.

For both the Flower Show and the Market, all COVID protocols will be strictly adhered to, so please wear a mask, sanitize and keep your distance.

Movember is Coming
Before you know it, it’ll be November, the weather will have warmed up, and we will be heading into summer. No better time for the men in the village to grow a bristling moustache. This year Movember in St Francis is organized by the Rotary Club Of St Francis. All proceeds go to St Francis Hospice Kouga. They are in dire need of funding right now. There are loads of fun prizes for those men entering.
All details are below.