Read This First

Many people work on a Saturday. Just take a walk or a drive through the village and see how many people are hard at work. The restaurants are all busy, the bakeries, the surf shops, the coffee shops and the Superspar are all open, and people are working. The Buildit store is wide open, and there are contractors, tradespeople and DIY dads all shopping. The estate agencies are open, and houses are being sold. The chemist is handing out medicine to people who don’t feel well, and the clothing stores are peddling their wares to locals and visitors alike.

So why not St Francis Today?

You will notice a few changes, though. For this first weekend post, we have focused on good news and cheerful stuff. There are no words like Zuma, Covid, corruption, Zondo, Cele, De Lille, Lynne Brown, Malusi Gigaba or seismic survey, except in this intro and this very paragraph.

Now that we have cleared that up, please note that a few of the articles in today’s round-up are satire or spoofs. Please don’t take these articles too seriously, and try not to get offended. They are not meant to offend. They are just part of the weekend St Francis Today make-up to try and have a few chuckles and giggles over the weekend. Biden didn’t threaten to resign over the Joe Rogan thing, for example. See if you can spot the other spoofs.  Ed Sheeran, however, is officially the most played artist on the radio globally, which is excellent for gingers everywhere.

So take your time, have a read over a cup of coffee, try and slow down and relax. We live in a beautiful town with amazing people and so much for us to do. There might be a little bit of drizzle today, possibly, if we’re lucky, but tomorrow looks like a glorious St Francis Day.

Enjoy the weekend.