So while the water crisis is an absolute certainty now, the load-shedding is back and is set to ramp up to Level 6 before we know it. The fuel price has risen incredibly, with many bigger vehicles costing about R2k to fill a tank. Additionally, our local airlines are being put to sleep, prices are again up, and availability is down.

So what’s good out there? What can we celebrate?

Well, we have passed the longest night and the shortest day of the year, and now every day will move into daylight a few seconds earlier than the day before.

Also, with these rising fuel and food prices, we have seen fewer people around than the recent norms. This is both a blessing and a curse. Local restaurants and hospitality industries desperately need customers. Still, many residents like to keep quiet about our little piece of paradise.

The accelerated growth in and around the village has been impressive. All builds seem to be on a slightly faster trajectory than the Sand River Bridge project (remember that?). However, there is still lots of development to come.

Will there be enough water and electricity to support these developments? Again, the answer is yes, with the new projects all boasting borehole water projects and rain catchment Jojo tank systems, and solar energy systems to support the estates. So these developments should be fine.

However, currently, not everyone has the ways and means to catch water or store electricity.
Many people who have retired to our village live in thatch houses with no way of catching run-off and no access to boreholes. Others cannot afford the outlay of solar panels and batteries. These people, and others less fortunate, are going to need help.

There will be much intervention from a government level, and water will be bussed in (and out) of areas in Kouga soon, depending on availability.

Just please make sure about the people who live in your bubble. or who you are close to. If you can share any water with those in need, please do. If you can help people who will be in darkness during load-shedding somehow, they will be most appreciative.

We’ll have to weather the long, dark winter of the soul, but we’re in this together.