A recent post from Garth Sampson, aka The Weather Guru, is something to be very nervous about. The short-term forecast (14 days) shows no rainfall. With Day Zero at the end of May, we have two weeks left for rains to come if we have any hope of getting through this crisis. 

I spoke to Garth a few weeks ago, and he hates for this to be known, but the outlook is a lot more than bleak. We are facing a massive predicament, and no one seems too fussed.

 Most people think that there will be no water in their taps, which is a very normal response and very unmindful behaviour. However, just a little bit of introspection will reveal what else we have to worry about.

The sewage system will collapse. Any industry that needs water of any sort will have to shut shop. Restaurants and malls will struggle to operate. The existing water system will be under severe strain going forward. There will be pipe breaks and weak points without any water pressure to hold things in place. Crops will die. The list goes on and on…

Then we get possible human intervention that is making things worse. As Garth explains, we can survive, for a while, on 210 megalitres, but consumption that was sitting on 280 meg has increased to 291 meg. It is believed that some people are using their taps to fill their drums, to prepare for the worst.

On top of it all, the long-term forecast shows a dry patch through to September, so it’s not like we’re waiting for our June/July rainfalls. So we have to push it a bit further. 

There are many practical ways to save water. 

You can get Kouga Kares to come out and attach pressure filters to all your household taps like I did to save up to 60% of the water through those taps. Check out https://www.facebook.com/KougaKares/ or phone Mike on 082 900 9009 or email mike@kougakares.com

You can go across to Buildit St Francis and purchase a JoJo tank. They have many different sizes, so you can start off with whatever you can afford. A 1000 litre tank is better than no tank. So if we have a few drizzles, you will be able to save some water. Check out: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SFBuildIt/ 

Web: https://www.buildit.co.za/Stores/View/Build-it-St-Francis-Eastern-Cape

Tel: 042 940 6779

Email: admin@sfbuildit.co.za

Good luck out there. Make plans.