Two topics to avoid as an editor of a community newsletter is politics and religion. Both of them will get you into trouble, apparently, no matter how right you are, because politics and religion. So, let’s wade in.

What are you going to be doing on Monday 1 November? It looks like it will be a nice day, with some fine weather, maybe a pitter-patter of rain during the late morning. Still, it is a public holiday and an excellent day to be out and about and enjoy this beautiful place that we live in.

Monday 1 November, however, is the day that we all go and vote, and we can vote for whoever we like. It has been a rough time in South Africa since the initial lockdown, and before that, and before that. So maybe this is the time we can try and make some improvements to what we have.

To be part of the solution, however, you do need to cast your vote. It is your right and, dare I say, your duty as a citizen of this country. But, on the other hand, If you abstain from voting, then you’re not helping anyone or anything. In my opinion, and everyone’s got one, if you go on Monday and make your mark, then you are doing your little bit as part of the collective to make a difference, whatever it is.

By voting, you are contributing to the massive melting pot of change. Whatever comes out of these elections, you will be a part of it.

If you don’t vote, then you aren’t allowed to complain. If you want to have the right to complain, then you need to cast your vote. I’m voting so that I can carry on my moaning unchecked for the next few years and feel justified about it all.

There will be no St Francis Today on Monday as we will be down at the voting station from early. See you there!

On a lighter note, the Grade 6 learners at St Francis College will treat the Grade 7’s to a hamburger lunch after completing the Otter Challenge today. It was a big adventure, and they all did so well. The Grade 7’s really are a good bunch of kids, and we wish them all the best for the future.

Grade 7’s in action at the Otter Challenge