The Rise Of Restaurants In St Francis Bay

St Francis Bay has always been a place of great food. However, when we first arrived here, there were few places to go for a bite to eat. Who remembers Barrons, Bucatinis, the Mexican Restaurant in Cape St Francis, and the old cafe at the Seal Point lighthouse? Getafix, Olive Tree Junction, Indigo Moon, Masters at St Francis and 6312 Restaurant St Francis, and Rock Lilly, to name a few.

These days the restaurant trade is flourishing. Some of the old restaurants have closed down, and some have been bought and sold. However, many are still prospering and keeping it real with all their specials and discounts.

Over the last few months, we have seen a steady increase in St Francis Bay area restaurants. Many of these have been doing great already before the holiday season is upon us. Without wishing to detract from our regular restaurants in any way, some of the new establishments are quite wonderful. They have most definitely added value to our little village.

We would like to list all restaurants in St Francis Bay.

However, before we put up such a list of restaurants, we would like to appeal to all restaurant owners to contact us. You can mail us at with your restaurant name, location, style of food, opening hours, contact details, and a few of your best-selling items. If you have any images of the location/staff or the food, all the better.

If you’re only open for breakfast, that’s fine. If you’re a bar but sell some pub-grub, then that’s great as well. If you’re only doing takeaways, that’s also cool. If you’re a roaming chef, let us know. If you’re running a dark kitchen and want a bit of light shining your way, let us know too. If you’re a beach kitchen or a food truck, tell us about it.

Also, if you’re simply a reader of St Francis Today and have a favourite restaurant, feel free to send us details on behalf of that restaurant. Otherwise, let the restaurant owners know that we want their details. Locals can help locals.

This list will be the definitive list of restaurants in the St Francis Bay area.

As we fast approach the busy season, we wish all restaurant owners the best of luck. The Matrics will be here any minute, some university students will be coming soon, and then families will start streaming in for what we hope is a long, balmy summer holiday. We hope that you all have a busy and prosperous season.