A friendly greeting as well as a gentle reminder about local beaches and dog poop.

A big and warm welcome to all the visitors to our little neighbourhood. There are plenty of visiting number plates around, and it seems we are set for a busy season. Which is great.

When St Francis Bay and Cape S Francis fill up every season, the usual issues and dramas come with massive influx. So naturally, these problems eventually find their way to Facebook and other social media platforms. Here, people bellow at each other and call each other names via their keyboards and angry fingers. They tap finely chosen pearls of wisdom as to why someone is not as intelligent as them.

If you understand the fruitlessness and banality of Facebook flame wars, then you should be able to see that these threads are nothing more than entertainment. 

Unless you engage. Then all hope is lost.

We always expect excessive noise, crowds and queues, drunken parties, no water, people hooting, no electricity, no parking, no turkeys, crowded surf breaks, loud people, and booked out restaurants. It’s the holidays. 

However, one element of having more people in our town is just totally offsides. The dog pooh on our beaches and walking paths on the Wildside and further is totally out of control. Everyone simply needs to carry a plastic bag and pick up your dog’s poop! It is uncivilised to watch your dog poop hamburger-sized turds on the beach and simply leave them and walk away. 

Local Beaches and Dog Poop

This is at the toilets at Ducks Carpark, Cape St Francis. Please use it.

Cape St Francis Beach has incredible amounts of dog poop on it already, and the actual season hasn’t even started.

If you go to the beach, please take a few plastic bags with you, and if you need to give it stop someone, please do so. If you see someone ignoring their dog pooping, please go up to that person and point it out. Engage with them politely but firmly. Dog poop is not on. There are a few biodegradable bags available at various car parks around the area. Please utilise them. 

Local Beaches and Dog Poop

Downwards Dog Position indeed.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor to our beautiful town – please pick up after your dog. In some parts of the United Kingdom, in Cornwall and Hayle, it is a £200 (R4,240) fine for not picking up your dog’s waste.

Readers, dog owners, interested parties, feel free to comment. We’re looking for fresh ideas, plans and solutions. In Sea Point, Cape Town, for example, there were dedicated and signposted dog toilets on the promenade. Would that sort of thing work here?  

Or should we just moan a lot and threaten people that we’ll force-feed them pooh sandwiches?